11.8. Automatic transmission - removal and installation

The car should be lifted on sufficient height to get transmission.

All works on repair of transmission are performed in car service.
1. Consider the malfunction codes brought in memory of the processor block in car service, and establish a transmission cause of defect.
2. For removal of transmission without dismantle of the engine execute the following operations.
3. Disconnect the battery from weight.
4. Merge transmission liquid.
5. Lift the car and establish on supports.

7.17 Otvorachivaniye of hydrotransformer bolts

7.25 Selection on the hydrotransformer which should be combined with a ledge on the pump

6. Remove the driveshaft (Hl. 8) also muffle an opening in transmission.
7. Remove a forward exhaust pipe.
8. Disconnect the socket from the blocking switch.
9. Disconnect the socket from the coil the electric drive; kick-down - the mode.
10. Disconnect a vacuum hose from a diaphragm (is directly in front of the electric drive coil).
11. Disconnect draft from the selector.
12. On a shaft of a case of transmission disconnect a speedometer cable.
13. Disconnect a filling branch pipe and muffle an opening in transmission.
14. On a shaft of a case of transmission disconnect cooler hoses.
15. Establish a support under the engine pallet and prop up through whetstone.
16. Uncover and designate a relative positioning of a drive plate and the hydrotransformer.
17. Slowly turning the crankshaft, turn off in turn 4 bolts of fastening of the hydrotransformer.
18. Remove a starter.
19. Drive under transmission the cart with a support and prop up a case.
20. Turn off bolts of fastening of an arm of a support to transmission.
21. Remove an arm from a body.
22. Turn off bolts of fastening of transmission to the engine.
23. Lower both supports so that transmission could be separated and removed in the direction to a back part of the car. It is recommended to remove transmission together.
Take transmission to repare or replace.

7.24 Check of a beating of a drive plate. If the beating does not meet standard, then replace a disk

7.27 Check of the adjusting size A of the hydrotransformer

24. Check a beating of a drive plate (photo).
25. Installation is carried out upside-down. Combine selection on the hydrotransformer with a ledge on the pump of transmission liquid (photo).
26. Combine the tags on a drive plate and the hydrotransformer put when dismantling.
27. After installation of the hydrotransformer check the size A (photo) to be convinced of the correct installation of the hydrotransformer.
28. Tighten all bolts with the set moment.
29. Turn a drive plate and be convinced of smoothness of rotation of details of transmission.
30. Fill in liquid.
31. Check operation of all switches and draft of management of transmission. If necessary adjust.