9.7. System of electronic injection of fuel self-diagnostics mode

On cars after 1996 failure diagnostics in fuel and auxiliary systems is carried out only in car service. LED indicators on these cars are absent.

The failure of sensors and actuation mechanisms can be defined by diagnostic codes of the processor ECCS system of the car. 5 operating modes of system of self-diagnostics are provided.
Mode 1 signals from the oxygen sensor. The mode of the closed cycle of automatic control works at the heated-up engine. In this case the green indicator burns, indicating poor mix, or dies away indicating rich mix. On the cold engine regulation is carried out on the opened cycle, the indicator or constantly burns or dies away.

6.1 Installation of the mode

5.5 Scheme of check of a tank. At a purge in the union A air should not pass, In air passes through both unions freely

The mode 2 tracking of feedback at stabilization of a stekhiometriya of mix. When the composition of mix is stabilized in certain limits the red indicator along with green blinks. During the opened regulation cycle the red indicator constantly burns (or it is switched off).
Mode 3 self-diagnostics mode. All refusals are brought in memory. Contents of memory are erased after 50 inclusions of a starter or at interruption of power supply of the processor block.
Mode 4 diagnostics of a condition of switches of a butterfly valve, starter, car speed sensor, etc.
The mode 5 diagnostics in real time for check in road conditions.
The choice of the mode (the engine with system of direct injection of fuel, 19901995)
Include ignition and turn the switch of the modes clockwise (photo) to the full, wait for the beginning of a blinking of a lamp. After the number of flashes of a lamp becomes equal to number of the chosen mode immediately turn the switch of the modes counterclockwise. Not to switch off ignition, otherwise the mode 1 will automatically be set.

6.2 For installation of the mode translate the switch 1 to the left. Side view 2. An observation port for alarm lamps 3. Mode 4 switch. Processor block 5. Top view

For check of codes warm up the engine and set the mode 3. For definition of a code count the number of flashes of green and red lamps (number of units and tens, respectively). Upon termination of remove memory contents, having turned the switch clockwise (having set the mode 4), and then counterclockwise.

Diagnostic codes and faulty chains of t corresponding to them sensors
Chain of the sensor of turn of the crankshaft
Stream speed measuring instrument chain
Temperature sensor chain
Chain of the sensor of speed of the movement
Ignition signal chain
Processor block
Failure of the system of recirculation
Sensor of content of oxygen
Detonation sensor
Sensor of temperature of exhaust gases
Air temperature sensor
Sensor of a butterfly valve
Leak in a nozzle
Nozzle chain
Normal operation of the onboard processor

The choice of the mode on the engine with system of preliminary injection (with Tbisistemoy)
If necessary to define a mode code (for example in case of sharp deterioration in operation of the engine) get the processor block from under a passenger seat. Not to disconnect sockets as the kept codes will be destroyed. Include ignition and transfer the switch of the choice of the mode to the included state (photo) red and green indicators will begin to blink. After 3 blinkings of indicators (the mode 3 is set), transfer the switch to the switched-off state. For definition of a code count the number of flashes of green and red lamps (number of units and tens, respectively).
Upon termination of remove memory contents, having set the mode 4, or having disconnected the battery from weight. At installation of the mode 4 indicators have to blink 4 times.