9.9. Regulator of pressure of fuel and solenoidal valve check and replacement

1. The solenoidal valve of the regulator of pressure of fuel provides application of depression to the regulator at the moment
launch of the hot engine and increase in pressure of injection.
2. The valve needs check if in work ре a Torah at connection of a hose from the valve failures are observed, and during artificial creation of depression the regulator works normally.
3. Disconnect the socket from the valve and check tension from the battery. The switched-off valve should not pass air.
4. Replace the faulty valve.
Solenoidal valve
5. Disconnect wires and hoses and turn out the valve
6. Installation is carried out upside-down.
7. Execute a decompression.
8. Disconnect the battery from weight.

8.9 Fuel 1 pressure regulator. Vacuum hose         2. Regulator

9. Weaken collars, designate and disconnect 2 fuel hoses (photo).
10. Disconnect a vacuum hose and the socket of the sensor of temperature of fuel.
11. Weaken a collar and disconnect a hose of the return fuel pipe from below of the regulator.
12. Turn off bolts and remove the regulator.
13. Installation is carried out upside-down.