16.9. Adjustment of a cowl

1. The correct adjustment of a cowl is necessary to exclude hit of smells from the working engine in salon through an air inlet lattice. Adjustment of a cowl in the horizontal plane is provided with movement of bolts of loops in grooves. In the vertical direction the cowl is regulated by rotation of rubber buffers in an arm of a radiator and a bolt like "larkspur" which is a part of the lock of a cowl.
2. For adjustment outline a contour of a loop which provision will change.
3. Turn off bolts and carefully displace a cowl in the necessary situation. Tighten bolts, lower a cowl and check its situation.
4. Release a bolt lock-nut "larkspur" on the lock and check adjustment of a cowl in a forward part. After adjustment tighten a lock-nut.
5. If necessary it is possible to adjust the provision of a clamp, concerning the cowl lock. For this purpose outline contours of screws of the lock, release screws and establish a clamp in the necessary situation. Tighten screws.
6. Adjust a cowl rotation of rubber buffers so that the surface of a cowl was aflush with wings.
7. Grease the lock and loops.