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16:16. Door glass and a window regulator - removal and installation

1. Remove the internal panel of a door.
2. Turn on 90 ° latches which external facing of a door fastens, raise and remove facing.
3. Remove the plastic water filter.
4. Remove a trench of a window regulator.

18.3 Window leaf of the Terrano I/Pathfinder car

19:1á Otvorachivaniye of seat bolts

19:1í Details of a front separate seat 1. Head restraint. To remove a head restraint turn off a facing overlay of a seatback 2. Regulator of an inclination of a back 3. Adjustment of the mechanism is not provided by 4. Wire of a natyazhitel 5. Wire of management регул

5. Turn off bolts of fastening of glass to a window regulator.
6. Displace glass up and remove.
7. If necessary turn off bolts and get a window regulator through an aperture in a framework of a door (photo).
8. Before assembly grease the rubbing surfaces with a thin layer of a litol.
9. Installation is carried out upside-down. After installation adjust glass. For this purpose expose glass at first parallel to the top trench, and then level on a back trench and tighten bolts. Adjustment of smoothness of the course of glass is provided with turn of a forward trench at the released bolts.