16:15. The internal panel of a door - removal and installation

1. Lower glass.
2. Unscrew screws of fastening of an armrest to the panel.
3. Remove the window regulator handle for what the thin bent tool get a spring ring.
For this purpose wring out a decorative slip to get access to a shaft and a spring ring, hook a ring and displace towards the handle, and remove a ring. Remove the handle and a plastic washer.

14.5 For removal of a guard of the handle unscrew one screw

4. Remove the handle of the door lock.
5. Remove a decorative guard of the handle of a door (photo).
6. Hook the screw-driver and get panel latches from a framework of a door (photo). Begin to get latches from below and be displaced up, taking latches on a panel contour. Raise and remove the panel.
7. Before installation check a condition of all for. a lok be also convinced of correctness of orientation of the water filter.
8. Install the panel, being guided on it is inserted; to a koyatka of a window regulator.

14.6 Latches of fastening of the internal panel of a door

15.7 Details of a door and window regulator
1. Adjustment of a door
2. Adjustment of provision of a door loop
3. Adjustment of a forward trench
4. Adjustment of the mechanism of a window regulator
5. Adjustment of situation flew down on a window regulator
6. Adjustment of a clamp

9. Insert latches to door framework openings (by hand or the plastic hammer).
10. Further installation is carried out upside-down. Fix the window regulator handle by a spring ring. For this purpose insert a spring ring into a groove on the handle so that the rupture of a ring was turned on 180 ° from the handle, expose the handle parallel to the handle on an opposite door and push a ring before click.