16:11. Cowl locks - removal and installation.

1. The lock of a cowl consists of two parts - the latch mounted from the inside of a cowl, which is hooked with the clamp strengthened on a car front partition. It is regulated only the locking part of the lock, that part which the cable for a priotkryvaniye of a cowl joins is not regulated.
2. To remove the lock outline contours of bolts of fastening and turn off bolts (photo).
3. At installation combine bolts with the outlined contours.
4. For removal of a clamp remove a forward decorative lattice, unscrew fastening screws, disconnect a cable of the drive and get a clamp.
5. Periodically grease a latch and a clamp.

10.2 Bolts of fastening of the lock cowl:

12.2 Details of a back cover ("Pathfinder")
1. Adjustable lock of a cover
2. Adjustable lock of a back cover
3. Clamp
4. Facing slip
5. Handle
6. Cover loop
7. Adjustment of loops of a cover (from a body)
8. A cover of the viewing hatch for access to the fuel filter
9. Fastening of a spare wheel