6. Cooling systems, heating, ventilation and conditioning

1. The cooling system - general information
2. Antifreeze - general information
3. The thermostat - removal and
4. A radiator - removal and installation
5. The fan and the coupling - removal and installation
6. A tank - removal and
7. The pump of cooling liquid - check
8. The pump of cooling liquid - removal and installation
9. The liquid temperature sensor - check and replacement
10. System of heating - general information
11. The fan - removal and installation
12. A heater radiator - removal and installation
13. Air conditioning system - general information
14. Air conditioning system - service
15. The proofreader of idling - adjustment
16. A moisture separator - removal and installation
17. The compressor - removal and installation
18. The condenser - removal and installation
19. The control panel of a heater and the conditioner - removal, installation and adjustment

Specifications (see also Hl. 1)

General data
Temperature of operation of the thermostat
On 4-cylinder engines
76 °C
On V6 engines
68 °C
On cars after 1990.
76 °C
Coolant type in air conditioning system
SUNIICO 5GS or equivalent

The inhaling moments (in H.m.)
Bolts of the pump of cooling liquid
On 4-cylinder engines
MB bolts
M8 bolts
On V6 engines
Thermostat case bolts
Bolts of an inlet branch pipe (V6)
Bolts of a final branch pipe
Bolts of fastening of a radiator
Bolts of fastening of a krylchatka of the fan to a pump flange
Bolts of fastening of a krylchatka to a coupling shaft
Conditioner arm bolts
Bolts of fastening of an arm of the conditioner
On 4-cylinder engines
On V6 engines
Bolts of fastening of the compressor to an arm