7.9. System of electronic injection of fuel - general information

Cars are equipped with system or preliminary preparation of mix (TBI system) or direct injection of fuel in cylinders (MPF system). Systems of injection of both types are run by the processor ECCS block and work together with many units of system of decrease in toxicity of exhaust gases. Such system is known as system of electronic injection (EFI) and consists of 3 subsystems - control and measuring, dispensing of fuel and injection of air. The amount of injectable fuel is defined by duration of an open condition of a nozzle which is automatically regulated by the ECCS block on the basis of the data which are read out from various sensors.

7.4a Installation of the manometer

7.4, the Scheme of turning on of the control manometer on the K24 engine
1. Pressure regulator
2. Manometer
3. Fuel filter
4. Tank
5. Pump
6. Nozzle

7.4v Installation of the manometer for check of the pump on V6 engines with direct injection of fuels. The manometer joins between the filter and the highway from the engine.

9.1a Units of system of direct injection of the K24 engine
1. Sensor of exhaust gases 2. The ignition coil with the power transistor 3. Electromagnetic valve 4. Distributor of ignition 5. Sensor of rotation of the crankshaft 6. Arrangement of the measuring instrument of speed of a stream 7. 

1. The sensor of temperature of exhaust gases (only for the State of California) 2. Air 3 stream regulator. Pneumatic valve of recirculation 4. A tank with an absorber 5. Sensor of speed of a stream 6. Electromagnetic valve of recirculation 7. Sensor of turn of a butterfly valve

9.1b Units of system of direct injection of the V6 engine

Necessary precautionary measures
а). It is forbidden to switch-off the battery on the working engine.
б). Before depressurization of system execute a decompression.
в). Before removal of any unit of system disconnect the battery from weight and turn the ignition key in situation Off.
г). Conducting plaits" systems have to lie not less than in 10 mm from other plaits (including an antenna cable),
д). Check reliability of all connections as in bad contacts there will be a sparking from breakdown in candles and the ignition block will fail.
е). Before launch of the engine it is forbidden to press a pedal of a butterfly valve.
ж). Keep in mind that several relays operate operation of the fuel pump. After an engine stop the pump is switched-off under the influence of signals of pressure drop and tension on the generator.