7.5. A cable of the drive of a butterfly valve - removal and installation

1. Remove the air filter.
2. Disconnect a cable from the case of the gate (photo).

4.1 The fuel highway of engines with fuel injection
1. Fuel supply tube
2. Return fuel pipe
3. Tube of selection of vapors of gasoline
4. Control valve
5. Fuel level sensor
6. Pump
7. Laying
8. Tank
9. A tank guard (on all-wheel drive and /

3. Give on yourself a cuff and get a cable from a cut in an arm (photo).
4. Turn off bolts of the directing tube and extend a cable through a partition (photo).
5. Installation is carried out upside-down. Grease a cuff with jellied lubricant. Check work of a cable, having pressed a pedal, - the gate has to open completely. Adjust a cable rotating a cable cover nut. On cars with automatic transmission when pressing a pedal the rod of the switch of a low gear (switch kick-down-) has to be involved completely.

5.2a to disconnect a cable of the gate or a cruise control turn off nuts and get a cable cover. Then pull together couplings on loops of cables and get cables.

5.2b Pedal and drive of a butterfly valve
1. Gate lever
2. Tube
3. Nylon cuff
4. Lock-nut
5. Arm and spring
6. Pedal
7. Lever
8. Cable
9. Collar

5.3 A cable detachment from a pedal

6. On cars about a cruise - control (the automatic regulator of speed) at first adjust a cable of a butterfly valve, then - a regulator cable.