7.13. Nozzle replacement

System with preliminary injection
1. Execute a decompression and remove the gate case.
2. Remove laying and a sealant of conducting (photo) from the case.
3. Uncover a nozzle (photo)

13.3 Screws of a cover of a nozzle 1. Cover 2,3. Screws

13:46 The mandrel sizes (out of brackets in mm) and the scheme of its arrangement at knocking-out of a nozzle 1. Mandrel 2. Plastic hammer 3. The sizes in mm

13.5 At removal of nozzles always change sealing rings 1. Big ring 2. Small ring 3. Rubber ring

13:6í Take aside a uvula and push out a conclusion 1. Screw-driver 2. Uvula 3. Conclusion 4. To push out

4. Open the gate and carefully beat out a nozzle blows to a mandrel with an internal diameter not less than 5,4 mm of (photo). Do not damage a nozzle.
5. If only sealing rings change, then replace small and big rubber rings, having greased them with silicone lubricant. Establish a nozzle (photo).
6. If the faulty nozzle changes, then get a conclusion of a wire of a faulty nozzle from the socket for what do the following:
a), get a clamp of a conclusion (photo),
b), the thin screw-driver take away a uvula and at once push out a conclusion, for a wire not to pull (photo),
c), cut off a wire directly at the plug (photo), previously having determined the necessary wire by the scheme (photo).
7. Stretch a new wire through a sealant and a sleeve (a sealant replace).
8. Dress the plug, attach a conclusion to a wire and press out. Insert a conclusion into the socket being guided by the scheme of distributing (photo).
9. Insert a conclusion into the socket.

13:6á For a conclusion detachment from the socket remove the holder 1. To push out

13:6ó Cut off a wire at the plug and extend from a sleeve

13:8á Accession of a wire of a nozzle 1. Clamp  2. Wires  3. New nozzle 4. Through sealant 5. Sleeve 6. Plugs 7. Conclusions

Appointment (to the drive)
Number of a conclusion of the socket
Color of a wire
nozzle And (+)
G is green
nozzle And ()
W is white
Nozzle In (+)
nozzle In ()
R is red
To the electromagnetic valve of the proofreader of idling of the conditioner (+)
To the electromagnetic valve of the proofreader of idling of the conditioner ()
To the electromagnetic valve of bystry idling (+)
B/W is sinebely
To the electromagnetic valve of bystry idling ()
B/W is sinebely

13.86 The chart, color marking of wires and the scheme of distributing of the socket and wires of nozzles on V6 engines (VG30i) and Z24I (since 1987) with system of preliminary injection

Appointment (to the actuation mechanism (nozzle)
+ nozzles zelenobely
Nozzle And to a conclusion 1
Nozzle In to a conclusion 3
nozzles ochroleucous
Nozzle And to a conclusion 2
Nozzle In to a conclusion 4
Numbering of conclusions of the socket

12. Push nozzles, having made effort by hand, turn the case and be convinced of correctness of installation of nozzles.
13. Grease a sealant of wires (photo).
14. Establish a cover of nozzles, wrap screws, having greased with the fixing structure and tighten in a cross order.
15. Grease laying of the case by silicone structure (the air filter establish only after a skhvatyvaniye of silicone sealant).
16. Install the gate case upside-down.
17. Be convinced of lack of a leak, check quality of mix in car service (to be convinced of lack of a suction of air through the top sealant of a nozzle).

13:11 Installation of nozzles

13:8ó The Arrangement of nozzles and valves on box a pus of the gate 1,10. Nozzle A 2. Gate 3 case. Thermoelement 4. To a forward part of the engine 5. Valve of the proofreader of idling of the conditioner 6. The valve of the raised idling turns 7,9 Nozzle B 8.

Systems of direct injection
18. Execute a decompression, disconnect батарек; masses also merge liquid.
19. Disconnect wires from candles, uncover ра a predelitel and take wires aside.

13:13 Lubricant of a through sealant of wires silicone structure 1. Push

13:20 The soaking-up collector on VS engines

13:25 Details of fastening of a nozzle 1. Rings 2. The isolating plugs

20. Designate and disconnect all sockets of conducting, cables and hoses in a forward part of the soaking-up collector (photo).
21. On V6 engines turn off bolts and remove the soaking-up collector.
22. Disconnect from the distributor with nozzles fuel tubes.
23. Disconnect sockets of nozzles (photo).
24. Remove the distributor with nozzles.
25. Turn off bolts and get nozzles (photo).
26. Before installation moisten new rings with gasoline and establish new nozzles, having pressed them into the distributor.
27. Install the distributor assembled with nozzles, turn and tighten bolts.
28. Attach sockets to nozzles.
29. Clear and establish a collector, having replaced laying.
30. Wrap bolts of fastening of a collector to the soaking-up branch pipe. Tighten with the set moment.
31. Attach a recirculation tube, hoses, wires and cables, without breaking their former installation. Attach collars of wires.
32. Install pressure regulator. Other operations are carried out upside-down.

13:23 Sockets of nozzles on the V6 engine

14.2 Details for adjustment of the raised idling turns on the gate 1 case. Thermoelement 2. Case of a heater 3. Lever of a butterfly valve 4. Adjusting biht S2 5. Adjusting screw of a butterfly valve 6. Draft of a cam 7. Axis 8 roller.