10.4. Manual transmission removal and installation

1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Disconnect draft of a butterfly valve in salon.
3. Remove section of the forward panel (Hl. 13).
4. Remove a cover from the check point lever.

3.11 A speedometer reducer on rear wheel drive cars

3.5a a check point lever Pin (on the car of early releases)

3.5b the Spring ring of the lever of the check point (on the car of late releases)

5. Transfer the lever to neutral situation, get a lock washer, a pin (or a spring lock ring) and remove the lever (photo).
6. Lift the car on the sufficient height that it was possible to take the check point from under the car.
7. Remove a forward exhaust pipe.
8. On all-wheel drive cars remove the forward driveshaft (Hl. 9). Substitute a prop under a forward reducer and remove a back cross-piece of a reducer. If necessary remove a forward reducer (Hl. 9).
9. Disconnect half shafts (Hl. 8) also muffle openings in the check point.
10. Disconnect wires from all switches of the check point
11. Disconnect a cable of a speedometer (photo).
12. Merge oil from the check point.
13. Remove the working cylinder of coupling and take aside.
14. Establish supports under the engine and under the check point.
15. Turn off nuts of a support of the check point and bolts of fastening of an arm to a frame, remove a support.
16. Remove a starter.
17. Turn off bolts of a case of coupling (photo).
18. At the same time lower supports so that the check point could be removed from the engine and to lower, without assuming that the weight of the check point was perceived by a main shaft.
19. Installation is carried out upside-down. Grease before assembly of a vent of a main shaft, detail of the mechanism of inclusion of transfers, center a clutch plate and adjust the pedal course.

3.17 A check point case prop from whetstones

4.5 Removal of a reducer of a speedometer

4.7 Cap reversing.

4.4 Turn out switches from a check point case